Frequently asked questions

DXB is a new token-based project that has chosen BSC to expand its payment gateways, decentralized trading and business plans.
DXB can be used by anyone with access to an internet connection and a web browser.
After the pre-sale, the distribution of DXB will happen only through PancakeSwap.
DXB is built on the Binance Smart Chain. DXB can rely on a predictable base layer that has no outsized and unpredictable expenses. This allows the DXB token to use its fees creatively and boost its own economy.
The DXB project has created proprietary smart contracts to complete its fees and incentives program. The presence of a smart contract will allow the tracking of each token transaction.
The security of the DXB token hinges on the properties of Binance Smart Chain. The chain is protected from malicious attacks by a combination of cryptography and reputational scores, as well as voting for the delegated nodes. Ownership of the BNB asset further ensures that the underlying block producers have “skin in the game” and are not willing to lose out on rewards through a network attack.
DXB’s goal is to build an ecosystem of payments where the native token, alongside other digital coins and tokens, can help pay for services like Uber, airline travel, and other services.
DxSale is a decentralized, cross chain, token management platform as a service. Its goal is to launch the DXB token through the initial discount sale, until reaching a predetermined hard cap.
The end goal of DXB is to build a cross-chain payment system and drive adoption to multiple regions.
The project aims to set aside 70% of all liquidity for the PancakeSwap pool, where it will remain to achieve price discovery. An additional 21% will be democratically distributed in an airdrop. For the first six months of the project, the team wallet supply will remain locked for six months. Over time, the 7% transaction fee will eat away at the supply, while increasing the rug-proof liquidity pool. This will lead to the higher credibility of the DXB algorithmic liquidity pair.

DXB is committed to a long-term vision of creating a sustainable and powerful ecosystem that revolutionises the way we invest, trade and donate.


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