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DXBPay Token Migration 26th December 2021

DXBPay ltd. London, UK (Sunday 26th December 2021)

DXBPay smart contract performs a series of complex processes with every transaction such as transactional token burn, and an auto liquidity generation, as well as BNB exchange to be distributed to holders and cycle burn.

As DXBPay is witnessing a growth and adoption across the world, it is equally important to be offered to a wider range of investors through centralized platforms.

Most of the reputable centralized exchanges we are in touch with have requested certain technical updates to in order to provide DXBPay with the exposure it requires.

While legal requirements and KYC of the exchanges have been met and approved by a number of them, a few technical updates seemed to be necessary before joining large centralized exchanges.

Therefore, DXBPay has decided to perform a token contract migration which should accommodate the technical requirements of any centralized exchange and give access to DXBpay to join major exchanges going forward.

The safety and security of our investors are our top priority when considering any update, therefore token contract migration will NOT have any impact on the existing holders and will be presented in a ration 1:1

Once the above is performed, the old token in your wallet will be replaced with the new token automatically.

The migration process will continue until 15th January 2022, all investors are advised to perform the migration prior to this date.

Kindly note, DXBPay token will be traded with the new token address going forward, and the old token will no longer be available for trading


What you need to do as a holder?

Before starting the migration, Import the new token address to your metamask wallet

New token address: 0x155dd107ae0fb0d5872a4613f9f08914bc03a632

Start the migration process:

To perform the migration, follow these simple steps:


1)  Start a telegram DM with our dedicated migration assistant @DXBMigration


2)  Send over your wallet address holding DXBPay Token old contract


3)  You will recieve a confirmation if your wallet is whitelisted and for how many tokens exactly


(please note  tokens purchased after 26th December can not be migrated)

4)  Transfer your old tokens to DXBPay dedicated migration address 0x53c02c5E0107c2A5e43C651dcc4A9e4c1f7e4746


5)  Send the transaction hash (URL only) to our migration assistant  @DXBMigration via your DM chat

6)  We will transfer the new token straight to your wallet within less than 3 hours.

7)  Our migration assistant will send you a transaction hash URL to confirm sending your new tokens.



*** Important Notes ***


*Our ONLY official migration assistant is @DXBMigration


*Our ONLY official wallet address to recieve your old tokens is 0x53c02c5E0107c2A5e43C651dcc4A9e4c1f7e4746


*** Please do not fall for scammers ***


*Kindly send ONLY the amount of tokens that are whitelisted, if you send more than the white listed amount, the additional tokens will not be migrated


*Kindly note any transaction through the blockchain maybe subject to fees or gasfees, we will send you exactly the amount we recieve from you.


*You may do your migration in several transactions, but we encourage you to do it all at once

*Depending on the traffic, we may up to 3 hours to send you back the new token once we recieve your transaction hash, kindly allow us the time to serve you and do not send repeated follow ups.


*This process and our migration assistant will be available daily from 8am till 2pm UTC starting 1st January 2022


*Our global telegram group is at your service to provide you with more details.

**Our Admins will NEVER DM you for this process**


For any additional assistance regarding this process, you cant get in touch with our team through our telegram channels:

Migration Support Channel: @DXBPayMigration

English Global: @DXBPay

Vietnamese: @DXBPayVN

Japanese: @DXBPayJP

Persian: @DXBPayIR

Spanish: @DXBPaySP

Russian: @DXBPayRU

Korean: @DXBPayKR

Or send an email to [email protected]

We appreciate the understanding of our investors and looking forward to the growth ahead of us.


DXBPay is committed to a long-term vision of creating a sustainable and powerful ecosystem that revolutionises the way we invest, trade and donate.


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