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101 Schools

DXB is created with a goal and a purpose.


DXB wishes to bridge the gap between crypto world with real world within a secure and safe environment. Giving back is the main core value of DXB Token, therefore DXB Contract was built to dedicate a generous amount set aside to give back to the community.


Although Charitable initiatives will be voted by the community, DXB’s ultimate goal is to build 101 schools around the world, and we won’t stop until we do it. A clear and ambitious plan was built by DXB team, Locations were pinpointed, and soon you will see the first school out of 101 being built and admitting those under- privileged who can’t bear the cost of “What we consider” our basic need which is education.


DXB is set to improve the lives of everyone, even those who are still unfamiliar with the crypto world, this is accomplished by creating and operating smaller investment institutes that can educate and help “anyone” to be part of the crypto revolution. DXB can only accomplish these ambitious goals with the help and support of the community.